Submitting Search Requests

You submit search requests to the ASN Search endpoint via HTTP GET. To construct a search request, you add a query string that specifies the terms and constraints for your search and what you want to get back in the response along with your valid ASN Search API key. Use the key parameter to specify your valid ASN Search API key. The maximum size of a search request is 8190 bytes, including the HTTP method, URI, and protocol version. ASN Search returns a response in JSON.

For example, the following request performs a simple text search and gets the contents of the title field:

../search?q=read+write&return-fields=title&key={YOUR KEY HERE}

You can use any method you want to send GET requests to the ASN Search endpoint—you can enter the request URL directly in a Web browser, use cURL to submit the request, or generate an HTTP call using your favorite HTTP library.

Update ASN Search now supports JSONP for submitting safe cross-domain search requests using Ajax. Request JSONP access when you sign up for an API key and use the callback parameter to define your own callback function name.